Split Time Carry Turn


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Carry Turn with the split time rhythm.

How to


Step one foot back of the side you wand to turn to.
If you're turning to the right, turn your yourself when the poi comes down on your right side and the other poi just follows.
Imagine that there's a target near your foot and it might makes it easier to hit that imaginary target with the poi alternatively.
Try not to break the balace of the rhythm after you turn to the side.


This time, turn to the side when the poi comes up of the side you're about to turn to.
Imagine that there are bells above your shoulder which you want to turn to and you ring them with the poi alternatively. You might hit yourself if the poi moves arkward so try to picture that the both poi are spinning straight.
Make sure to be able to turn to the left as well as to the right.


If you find yourself having hard times to turn to the side, just put one poi away for a moment and try the same movement with one poi. Remember that practicing with one poi makes it easier and it applies to other movements as well.