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Tutorials about ne of the most important foundation of poi spinning, Plane.

Basically, the poi moves on three planes.
By spinning the poi on these planes, it looks beautiful.

  • The first plane is called either the Side plane or the Wheel plane and the poi spins at both sides of the body. The name the Wheel plane comes from the wheels of car from the way it looks.
  • The second one is called the The Wall plane and the poi spins at the fron and behind. The front side is called the Frontwall plance and the back side is called the Backwall plane and the Backwall plane can be diveded into two parts, Behind-the-Head plane and the Behind-the-Back plane.
  • The third one is called the Horizontal plane since the poi spin horizontally.
    The plane with the hands facing above is called the Top plane and the plane with the hands facing below is called the Bottom plane.


One of the essencial points to make the poi look beautiful is to keep the poi spinning on these planes.
If you want to consentrate on practicing, it might be good to actually use the wall to practice spinning on the plane you want to work on.
It's also good to use LED poi to practice since the orbit can be seen in the dark.
Be conscious about keeping the poi parallel to the planes.