2 Beat Weave


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By making the crossing movement into Split-Time, the movement will look nice and beautiful.
This movement is called "Weave" in general and this particular movement is called the 2 Beat Weave because it spins twice on the each side.
To smooth out this movement, be sure to check out the "Basic Wrist Move on Wheel Plane" lesson first.

How to

2 Beat Weave Forward

Spin the poi in the Split Time.

Start to spin first from your left arm and move it to below your right arm.
The poi on the right side cross over to the left arm and open your both arms and back to the orginal position.

Continue to do this for a while.
As you get used to this movement, connect the sequence and that's the 2 Beat Weave!

There are 2 ways to do the 2 Beat Weave and by switching the sides, you'll be able to do another version with the left arm on the top over the right arm.

2 Beat Weave Backward

Starting from the poi on the left side and over to the right arm and scoop the poi up on the right arm and cross.
Then back to the orginal position by opening the arms.

Continue this for a while.
By doing this continuously, it becomes the Backwards 2 Beat Weave.

Start from the right hand first and practice to do the Backwards 2 Beat Weave with the right arm on the top of the left arm.


If you look at the movement of one side of the poi, you'll notice that it's always either crossing over the arm or under.
This is the movement practiced in the section of "Basic Wrist Move on Wheel Plane". If you cannot do the 2 Beat Weave well, go back to it and practice with one poi.