Carry Turn


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A a basic moves for dancing with poi, Carry Turn.

How to

Forward Carry Turn

  1. If you want to make turn to the right, then step right foot back in advance.
  2. Turn as the poi goes up.
  3. It is going to be backward direction after the turn.

Backward Carry Turn

When the rotation is reversed, the timing will also be the opposite.

  1. Turn when the poi comes up.
  2. Move your arms as drawing imaginary rainbow.
  3. It is forward direction after the turn.


Poi will get tangle of hit you if you spin to much diagonally.
To make the turn more smooth and beautiful, spin vertically as much as you can.
If you can't do it well, then imagine you have a target to hit with poi near the leg.
Bring both poi down, like hitting a golf ball. Nice shot!

Imagine a bell hanging in the air up sholder for backward carry turn. Then turn as you hit the bell with both poi.