Basic Wrist Move on Wheel Plane


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There are many moves which cross your hands in front of the body. Let's learn the basic, which is to move the hand from one side to another.

How to

Step 1

Hold the poi with one hand. If it's the forwards spin, move the poi right or left as the poi comes down.
Draw an figure of 8 in front of your body with your hand. If you think too much about right or left, the poi orbit tends to become arkward, so to avoid that, try to bring the poi downwards to stablize the orbit.
If you can spin the poi with stability, continue the same movement at various points as above your head, below your arms, in front of your dody, and so on.
As you get familiar with the movement, practice on the other hand.

Step 2

Next, stick out the arm in front your body, the arm without the poi.
Do the previous movement under your arm or over your arm.
If you can do these movements smoothly, do it at upper side, lower side, or in front, as well as other points.
As you get familiar with the movements, change the holding hand of the poi to the other and practice.