These courses are the Lessons which are categorized and ordered for mastering poi step by step.

Responsive image Split Time Carry Turn

The beginners course who spin poi first time! You will be able to make basic trick after watching through these lessons. It is good to learn basic with the teacher again if you got these basic by yourself already.

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Responsive image Backward 3 Beat weave POV

The second Basic Poi Lesson, weave.

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Responsive image Crossed Arm Split Carry Turn

Step up from a basic moves, after mastering basic skill. It looks easy but actually hard even if you think you are advanced. You will be able to dance even more freely after watching throw these lessons!

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Responsive image Reel Turn Pirouette

Once you have mastured Carry Turn and Reel Turn, you are ready to create new ways to turn by combining those two. In this lesson, I'm going to introduce them to you. There are various ways to turn, and I will introduce 180° Turn, meaning that you'll make a half pirouette when you turn from forward swing to backward swing, and 360° turn is a full 360° pirouette when you make a turn.

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Responsive image Split Reel Turn Pirouette

In this Course, I will show you how to do Split-Time Carry Turn and Split-Time Reel Turn and the combined movements of them. They're the cool stuff.

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Responsive image Arm Roll Outside

Basic Moves of Poi Manipulations

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