To Do

List for my self. If you want to follow what Yuta does, watch them.

393 Isolation Catch
394 Linear Isolation Hit & Wrap
395 Russian Stall
396 Reel Pirouette on Vertical position of Butterfly Anti-Spin Flower
397 Split Butterfly Anti Spin Flower Brush Up
398 Clover Brush Up
399 Anti-Spin Butterfly Flower Brush Up
400 Split Same Extension Pirouette
401 Split butterfly extension turns
402 Quarter Anti Spin Flower Cap Extension Crosser Pirouette
403 Quarter Anti Spin Flower to Crosser
404 wall plane isolation variation
429 Quarter antispin flower half extended crosser comb  コンビネーション
436 IAI windmill Nuki
439 Split Butterfly Anti Spin Flower practice Method 2/4 Beats
443 Quarter Flower In-Stall
444 One side Extended Crosser Priouette
447 Split Stall Up
448 Split Stall Down
452 Half Extended 3 beat weave forward
453 Half Extended 3 beat weave backward
454 Float Down Catch - Neck Wrap
455 No Beat Rhythm Excercise
457 Float Up to Neck Wrap
459 S.B.A Horizontal Catch
460 Horizontal Hit
467 Windmill Stall to Hyper-Loop
495 BTH Horizontal Stall Practice Onehand with Contentious
496 Split Top Stall Practice with one Poi
497 Vertical Position Pirouette from Clover ( Split-Same Anti-Spin Flower )
498 Crosser Untangle Hyper-loop
499 Russian Shampoo Pirouette
531 Vojta's Pirouette
532 Snake
533 Snake out Stall