When poi moves front plane and behind plane on Wall plane, wrist makes reeling move. We call this wrist move as "Reel". There are also basic moves called "High Reel" and "Low Reel" which use "reel" wrist move.

396 Reel Pirouette on Vertical position of Butterfly Anti-Spin Flower
404 wall plane isolation variation
438 Half Extended 2 Beat Weave
482 Hip Reel / Low Reel
483 Shoulder Reel / High Reel
484 Reel Combination 180
485 Hip Reel Pirouette
486 Shoulder Reel Pirouette
487 Reel Turn Pirouette
488 Split Shoulder Reel : Windmill
489 Split Hip Reel : Watermill
490 Split Reel Combination 180
492 Split Shoulder Reel Pirouette
493 Split Hip Reel Pirouette
494 Split Reel Turn Pirouette
495 BTH Horizontal Stall Practice Onehand with Contentious
496 Split Top Stall Practice with one Poi
524 Hip mill
526 Shoulder Mill
527 BTH Shoulder Mill
532 Snake
533 Snake out Stall
591 Waist Wrap
593 BTB Waistwrap 01- BTB Hipmill