The moves which poi spins opposite directions. Basic Butterfly spins in front plane of wall plane. We often call "Butterfly" instead of "Opposite Directions".

396 Reel Pirouette on Vertical position of Butterfly Anti-Spin Flower
399 Anti-Spin Butterfly Flower Brush Up
401 Split butterfly extension turns
433 Split Butterfly Anti Spin Flower Practice - One Poi
434 Split Butterfly Antispin Flower practice - 2 Poi position to position
437 Kai IAI
439 Split Butterfly Anti Spin Flower practice Method 2/4 Beats
440 Split Butterfly Antispin Flower 3/4 beats Practice Method
441 Split Antispin Butterfly Flower Turn 3/4 beats Practice Method
451 Butterfly Extension Pirouette.
462 Open arm butterfly to stall, weave turn combination.
469 Butterfly Center Stall