Weave Turn POV

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Turn which connect forward 3 beat weave and backward 3 beat weave.

When you make 3 beat weave, your arm repeats,
Close, Open, Close, Open,
even you make turn. So please keep this rule.

  1. Step your leg back which you want to turn to and get ready.
  2. If you want to turn right, when your arm start closing to right side, you start turning your body.
  3. when your arm open 180 degrees, there is the point of the middle of weave turn. your body toward 90 degrees to the side.
  4. Keep spinning your arn on the same plane, and turn the body another 90 degrees.
  5. Finish turning and close the arm to connect the other direction of the 3 beat weave. Don't for get "Close" again other wise you will end up with 2 beat weave.